Centre for Reception History of the Bible

Seminar Series: The Bible in Art, Music and Literature

Winter (Michaelmas) 2015

Week 2
(19 Oct)

Interpreting the Bible in Eighteenth-Century England

Prof Isabel Rivers
(Queen Mary University of London)

Week 4
(2 Nov)

Elie Wiesel and the Biblical Archetypes of Contemporary Middle Eastern Politics

Dr David Tollerton
(University of Exeter)

Week 6
(16 Nov)

Epigraphy, Magic and Romans 8 in Early Christianity

Revd Dr Jenn Strawbridge
(University of Oxford)

Week 8
(30 Nov)

Singing, Playing, Seeing: The Bible and the Multi-Sensorial Gothic Revival

Dr Ayla Lepine
(University of Essex)

Seminars take place at 5pm in
The Danson Room, Trinity College, Oxford

Convenor: Dr Christine Joynes