Centre for Reception History of the Bible

Seminar Series: The Bible in Art, Music and Literature

Spring (Hilary) 2015

Week 2
(26 Jan)

Caravaggio at Emmaus

Dr John Ashton
(University of Oxford)

Week 4
(9 Feb)

Leonardo and Christ

Prof Martin Kemp
(University of Oxford)

Week 6
(23 Feb)

The Bible, the British and the First World War

(Bible and WWI series)

Dr Michael Snape
(University of Birmingham)

Week 8
(9 Mar)

What George Bancroft learned at the University of Göttingen about the Bible

Dr Paul Kerry
(Brigham Young University)

Seminars take place at 5pm in
The Danson Room, Trinity College, Oxford

Convenor: Dr Christine Joynes