Centre for Reception History of the Bible

Seminar Series: The Bible in Art, Music and Literature

Spring (Hilary) 2014

Week 2
(27 Jan)

A Book for All Seasons: Introducing the Forms of the Medieval Psalter

Dr Elizabeth Solopova
(University of Oxford)

Week 4
(10 Feb)

Performing Jeremiah: Bernardino de Sahagun and Stefan Zweig

Dr Yvonne Sherwood
(University of Kent)

Week 6
(24 Feb)

Songs of Sion: Psalmists for a New Dispensation in Seventeenth-Century Britain

Dr Sarah Apetrei
(University of Oxford)

Week 8
(10 Mar)

Hussey Seminar

God in the Garden Mary, Eve and the Redemption of Women in Christian Art

Prof Tina Beattie
(University of Roehampton)

Seminars take place at 5pm in
The Danson Room, Trinity College, Oxford

Convenor: Dr Christine Joynes