Centre for Reception History of the Bible

Seminar Series: The Bible in Art, Music and Literature

Winter (Michaelmas) 2010

Week 2
(18 Oct)

Voices from the Margins: Catenae and the Perils of Reception History

Revd Dr William Lamb
(University of Cambridge)

Week 4
(1 Nov)

The Bible in the Imitation of Christ and the Imitation of Christ in the Bible

Canon Robert Jeffery
(University of Oxford)

Week 6
(15 Nov)

Women and the Passion in Seventeeth Century England: Aemelia Lanyer and Cultures of Reading in Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum (1611)

Dr Femke Molekamp
(University of Warwick)

Week 8
(29 Nov)

Reading the Kings: Seventeenth Century Politics and the Bible

Dr Kevin Killeen
(University of York)

Mondays: 5pm
The Danson Room, Trinity College, Oxford

Convenor: Dr Christine Joynes (Trinity)