Centre for Reception History of the Bible

Seminar Series: The Bible in Art, Music and Literature

Spring (Hilary) 2005

Week 2
(24 Jan)

The Virgin Mary and the Protestant Reformers

Prof Diarmaid MacCulloch
(University of Oxford)

Week 4
(7 Feb)

The Use of Art in the Interpretation of the Passion
Narrative in Matthew as a Hermeneutical Challenge

Prof Ulrich Luz
(University of Bern)

Week 6
(21 Feb)

Lost and Found: The Bible in Contemporary American Literature

Prof Peter Hawkins
(Boston University)

Week 8
(7 Mar)

Galatians and the End of the Law: The Reception of
an Idea and its Ethical Consequences

Prof John Riches
(University of Glasgow))

Mondays: 5pm
The Danson Room, Trinity College, Oxford

Convenors: Prof Chris Rowland (Queen's) Dr Christine Joynes (Trinity)