Centre for Reception History of the Bible


The Influence of the Decalogue: Historical, Theological and Cultural Perspectives

16th - 17th April, 2012

Trinity College, Oxford


The Decalogue, the Ten Commandments or the “Ten Words”, as they are called in Hebrew, have constantly been received, taught, and transformed over two and a half millennia, not only in religious catechesis and exegetical interpretation, but also in art, music, film, philosophy, and in the history of law. The two tablets of the law have become a fundamental religious icon in both Judaism and Christianity. The Decalogue certainly is one of the most intensely used texts in world history. Yet, no attempt has been made to systematically consider the history of its influence. We are delighted, therefore, to invite you to an interdisciplinary conference, with eighteen international speakers, with this aim. The conference is being organised by Dr Dominik Markl SJ (Heythrop College, London) and Dr Christine Joynes (Centre for Reception History of the Bible, University of Oxford).

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