Centre for Reception History of the Bible

Blake and the Bible

Day Conference at Trinity College, Oxford
Saturday 22nd March, 2003


Blake as Biblical Exegete: The Example of His Treatment of the Book of Job

Prof Christopher Rowland
[Chair: Dr Christine Joynes]


Poetic Tales: Blake, Hayley and The Book of Enoch

Dr Susan Matthews
[Chair Dr Jon Mee]


'In my flesh I shall see God': Blake and the Body of Energy

Dr Jon Mee
[Chair: Very Revd John Drury]


"No longer talking of what is Good and Evil or of what is Right or Wrong, but conversing with Eternal Realities as they exist in the Human Imagination"

Dr Emma Mason & Dr Jonathan Roberts
[Chair: Prof Christopher Rowland]


Plenary Session

[Chair: Very Revd John Drury]